About Us

We're a small mission-driven community of like-minded people who got fed up of searching for local experiences for our next destination. Always asking friends or friends of friends for recommendations, we came up with this idea of providing a platform for everyone who is searching for local experiences for their next travel destination.

Saad Raza

Founder and Explorer

Posing somewhere in Barcelona, Spain

Who am I?

I'm a Software Engineer who moved to Europe 5 years ago hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. Since then, I have produced code in almost 10 different countries 👨‍💻. Travel was so important for me that I was able to find a way to balance my work and travel life without one impacting the other.

I have lived in Berlin, Germany for over 4 years and currently I'm based out of Madrid, Spain.

Soaking the sun in Ibiza

What is my Travel Philosophy?

From a young age, my passion for road trips evolved into a profound curiosity for understanding cultures, lifestyles, and connecting with people from whom I could take valuable insights.

Travel, to me, is not a checklist but a mindful exploration. I strive to be a responsible traveler, respecting local customs and ecosystems.

Apart from planning the major aspects of my trip i.e flights, hotels/apartments, restaurants, for me the magic of discovery often lies in the unplanned moments. I embrace serendipity, allowing the uncharted paths and unexpected encounters to shape my journey.

"The most memorable experiences often unfold when least expected"

As a reader, how does this all relate to me?

Every journey holds the potential for personal growth. I seek experiences that challenge my perspectives and broaden my horizons. My goal here is to build up a community where everyone feels empowered to travel not because to tick a check-list but to get the true experience of that place.

Fun Facts, you may ask?

  • Cooks a really good Chicken Biryani
  • Plans amazing trips whether for people on budget or as my Spanish amigos would say sin límites (without limits)

Would like to be part of the team?

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at saad.raza92@gmail.com