Berlin - Café Scene

Berlin - Café Scene
Photo by Rizky Subagja / Unsplash
Grab your mug and join me on a journey into the world of liquid happiness.

Who doesn't love kicking off their day with a good ol' cup of coffee? Whether you're into a swift espresso or sipping on a picturesque cappuccino, coffee reigns supreme in consumption. With the city's high coffee enthusiasm, Berlin is a haven of cafes. Join me in this post as we explore some of the finest coffee spots across town. ☕✨

Fourty Years

© Fourty Years

Just a hop away from U-Kottbusser Tor, this spot became my go-to for fantastic coffee during my time working nearby. I'd often go there for that generous cappuccino served in a big mug. They also dish out delightful breakfast options, and personally, I'd vouch for their French Toast – it's a treat! And oh, don't miss out on their cakes. Share your thoughts in the comments if you give them a try! 🍰

You'd be able to choose any type of milk of your choice here.

Exclusive Coffee

© Kevin B

So, if it's called "Exclusive," it better live up to the name, right? And it absolutely does. The coffee beans hail from different corners of the globe, and the best part – it's all under Fair Trade. The coffee here strikes that perfect balance, giving you a real bang for your buck.

They've got quite a lineup for breakfast options too! 🌍

If you like the coffee so much, you can even purchase the Coffee Beans from them.

Hey Schneke

© Katharina S

So I stumbled upon this gem next to U-Viktoria Luise Platz – it's tucked under a residential building, offering this amazing view of the park. The menu is on the compact side, but let me tell you, they take their coffee seriously.

And those cinnamon rolls? A perfect match for that cup of goodness! ☕🌳

House of Small Wonder

© Marin Dimitrov

Here's a spot with a Japanese twist, serving up brunch in a charming, rustic ambiance. If you're thinking of dropping by, especially during the summer buzz, luck might need a little backup—reservations usually come in handy for this gem.

I'd only recommend this place if you're up for a Brunch.

Milch & Zucker

© John Trombly

Here's a one-stop-shop, where you can enjoy the entire day! 😊

Beyond coffee, they dish out delightful breakfast bowls, an array of cakes, and even lunch items. If you're considering it as your place for remote work with not minding the noise then they've got comfy sofa seating near the entrance, perfect for those not wanting to occupy the table.

Einstein Kaffee

© Robert Sprotte

Einstein, a cafe chain spread across the city, pops up in various neighbourhoods. Their coffee boasts rich flavours, thanks to beans roasted in their Berlin-based roastery. 🌆

I hope you get to experience these spots soon, whether you're a Berlin local or a future visitor. These are just a handful among the myriad cafes in the city, so if you discover any gems, feel free to drop a comment on this post. ☕✨

Until then, Ciao!

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