Berlin - Food Scene (Part III)

Berlin - Food Scene (Part III)
Photo by Eiliv Aceron / Unsplash
This post is part of a series of posts about food scene in Berlin.

In the last post, we travelled the stretches of Asia with quick stops in several countries. This will be the last post in this current series of Food Scene which will take us to several other cuisines too. But this, certainly, does not represent that the entire breadth of cuisines that are available in the city.

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If there is any cuisine that has had a massive impact on the world, it has to be the one and only, Italian. So let's start our journey from Italy today!


Trattoria leo e pepe

© Trattoria leo e pepe

Just right by the northern edge of the infamous Görlitzer Park, this place gives off those good old vibes when life was simpler. And let me tell you, don't underestimate the simplicity because they're serving up some great pasta. The ingredients are the real deal, and the food? Oh, it's a feast for the senses. :chefskiss Definitely swing by if you find yourself on the east side or just want to indulge in some seriously good pasta. 🍝✨


© Timo Ber

Well, if we're talking about Italian food, there's hardly a chance that we will miss Pizza. This global phenomenon is probably the product with the most variations. Every country does it their own way to cater the tastebuds of the locals. Well, we can find such varieties in Berlin too, but this place is serving out pizzas as authentic as they come from Napoli.

Located right across the Landwehrkanal, this place is the perfect place to enjoy some Neapolitan Pizzas out by the balcony during the summers or even winters. 🤷

The usual serving can be shared by 2 people.


© Serge Castro

Certainly! One of the go-to spots for Berliners craving Neapolitan Pizzas, and it's well-deserved fame. The thin-crust pizzas here are the OG! If that's your pizza style, this place is a definite must-visit.


© Pastarium

So, the name kinda spills the beans – they're all about pasta, and boy, they do it right. You've got to try their homemade (hausgemacht) pasta; it's just on another level of deliciousness. The freshness of the ingredients adds that extra special touch.

Since we're in the South of Europe, let's quickly head to Spain for some tapas. 🛫



© Markus Schipke

Right from the get-go, this spot doesn't scream fancy, but once you walk in, everything changes. It's got this dim-lit, cozy vibe that instantly transports you to Spain right in the heart of Berlin. And let me tell you, they dish out some of the finest seafood in the city, paired with a diverse array of tantalizing tapas.

For more of Spanish food in Berlin, please stay tuned! 📺

For now, let's fly up north to Sweden and see what it has to offer us


Möllers Köttbullar

© Möllers Köttbullar

Just along Schlesi, you'll find this spot known for its iconic Swedish Meatballs & Mashed Potatoes. They've carved out their niche and they nail it.

Now, we will head to Russia for some Dumplings and Shashlik. 🥟



© Punta Canada

This spot's been kickin' it in Berlin for over 40 years, dishing out some seriously tasty grub. A Russian friend recommended this, and the place oozes authentic vibes. It's got this vintage, subtle, yet elegant feel. And let's talk about the food – it's downright amazing. I usually get the Borscht and Pelmeni, topped off with a slice of Napoleon Cake. Pure bliss!

Finally, we end our journey there and now we explore cross-cultural food in the city.


You can always find a KFC, McDonalds or a Burger King almost anywhere in the city but if you're interested in exploring more than just regular burgers then check out these places.

Marthas Delicious Burgers

© Marthas Delicious Burgers

When that juicy beef patty cozies up between those soft buns, it's a "Mmmm" moment. Martha's Burgers, I can't say enough – they're just flat-out amazing. And when you throw in those thick fries, it's a whole party! 🍔✨


© goldies

These guys took Loaded Fries to a whole new level – like a legit meal on their own. They kicked off with Fries decked out in all sorts of toppings, each one outdoing the last. Sure, they've added other fried goodies to the menu, but the OG move? Gotta be those Loaded Fries.

So far, we've globe-trotted through Berlin with nothing but our taste buds. This series barely scratches the surface of all the amazing eateries around – I could go on and on. But for now, it's a wrap on the Food Series for Berlin. Next up, I'll spill the beans on the best cafes in town. ☕🌆

Until then, Ciao!

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